Kaneez Fathima



What Parents / Teachers Say?

Anjali Raj Mother of Toddler

Thank You for the informative session. ..Though I am a mother of toddlers am getting ready for future.

Farkhanda Syed Webinar Participant

Today's session was very helpful and great insights... glad to attend it...New thoughts ...easy and relatable...Feeling as though there are people who have big hearts and worry about the world, Alhamdulillah, looking forward for upcoming session Jazakillah Khair ma'am

Naveeda Parveen Mom of Teens

I'd like to thank you for the wonderful enlightening. A great presentation style, lots of opportunities to see the practical side through intersting tasks, and you have been talking abou tthe real life examples, that have made this course really interesting and informative. My fav part of the session was knowing about the session was knowing about everyone else's opinion on the pressing topic. A really good session in bothe personal and professional sense. .

Ayesha Binth Qasim Member of Silver Program

It was an amazing session today Alhamdulillah by sister Kaneez. Especially the frontal brain shutting down and what is the consequence of that, and what happens to the other parts of the body what all is affected due to the continuous defensive mood of the brain and how it effects in the long run. Like every other things are stopped and the concentration is now only to defend. Who better knows when our body is in the fright fight or flight zone always how it affects our immune system than me. Subhan Allah. Just a glimpse of everything she told nevertheless it gave a clear picture. Id really recommend her sessions if we want to combat the daily struggles we have with our teens / preteens / ourselves especially. Barakallahu feeki sis

Kulsum Shareef Member Silver Program

Some of the things I liked about today's session are: 1)Sister Fatima ' s scientific approach while explaining. 2)Seek help thru 2 things: sabr and salaah. 3)Focus not just on your expectations, but on your child's too. 4)Her references from kitaabullah and hadith are commendable. 5) I liked the activity too and l am working on it inshaAllah 6)Her constant smile motivates us that no challenge is so big that we can't handle with the help of Allah swt

Jazeela Webinar Participant

It was enlightening session alhamdulillah. Learnt many things which I was not aware of. 3 take aways are👇 1. ‌Be inquisitive but not suspicious about children. 2.‌100% trust from parent is equal to 100% output from the child. 3. ‌How emotions are created, how feelings and emotions are related, How to manage our emotions Jazakallah khair. Waiting for upcoming session.

Tasneem Khan Webinar Participant

Briefly, both the sessions allowed us to look into ourselves as a parent and understand, accept and fix our emotions and behaviour -> in short being mindful parent; and then mentor our children empathetically with right communication strategies! Very insightful, informative, practical in simple language and common examples! Thanks for ur time and efforts!

Tasneem Client

JazakAllahu khairan Kaneez mam.As usual we got to introspect and remind ourselves that we should be the change that we wish to see.

Sharifa Member Silver Program

Alhamdulillah I rabbil alameen.Both the session wer very good. *Came to no our mistakes. *We doubt our children's. The most important point I learnt is we should trust our children's 100%..