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Discover The Secrets to turn your Rebellious Teen into Resilient one in just 2 DAYS

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Are you overwhelmed with constant power struggles and conflicts with your teenager? Learn the effective parenting strategies for raising a teen and find the difference.

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Parenting is tough; mistakes made in a moment can take years to repair. You only get one chance to parent the teen you have today. Raising millennial kids is really hard and you need the latest skills to equip yourself and meet the needs of the Modern Teenager. However, this is not the case for all parents. There are parents who have discovered strategies to foster open communication and create a supportive environment at home.

You too can be a very good parent!

Adolescence is a period characterized by physical and emotional changes that can lead to rebellious behavior. This workshop can provide you with valuable insights into the reasons behind their teenagers’ rebelliousness, helping them gain a deeper understanding of their child’s perspective.
So, why wait? Don’t wait any longer. Join us and give your teenager the best experience ever by learning a millennial skillset.

I Believe Small Parenting Pivots Can Have Profound Results.

About Kaneez Fathima
Mom of 3, a lecturer for over a decade turned Teen-Parent Relationship Coach.
She, being the founder of Doer’s Success and Co-founder of The NextGen Parenting, has been working diligently with parents, teachers, and children for the last 10 years.
She is committed to nurturing the untapped potential of Teens. Her invigorating talks bring immediate and long-term results.

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Unlock Bonus Worth ₹ 3999/- Hurry up! Only Few Seats Remaining

Strong Self-Esteem
How-to Guide

Who is this workshop for?


This workshop is open to all parents. However, those who have teenagers between the ages of 13 and 19 can easily relate.

Manage Emotions

Any parent who finds it difficult to communicate effectively with your teenager or manage their emotions.

Valuable Insights

Whether you’re a single parent, a step-parent, or a guardian, this workshop provides valuable insights and tools to help you navigate the unique challenges of parenting teenagers.

Raising Teenager Parents

Any parent who is struggling to navigate the challenges of raising a teenager


Teachers, Counsellors or anyone who interacted and deals with Teens, wants to influence their life to the best of learning and build great bonding.

What Parents / Teachers Say?


I can't attend the live sessions. Can I get the recording?

Sorry, no recordings or replays will be shared. Only live sessions are entertained

How do I access the Live Session?

Once you register for the workshop, kindly check your email. You will find the link to join the WhatsApp group. Thereafter you will be updated with all the links to join the workshop.

What time is the Live Session?

04:30 p.m (Indian Standard Time)

When is the next event?

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Unlock Bonus Worth ₹ 3999/- Hurry up! Only Few Seats Remaining