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Are you ready to take your teaching skills to new heights? Elevate to Educate is a dynamic 2-day Training Program designed to empower educators like you to become highly effective teachers, shaping the future of education.

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Our program is designed to elevate your teaching skills, empowering you to excel in today’s ever-evolving classroom landscape. Here’s how:

Cutting-Edge Knowledge

We provide you with up-to-date insights into modern educational practices, pedagogical techniques, and the latest advancements in teaching.

Effective Strategies

You’ll gain access to a toolbox of practical teaching strategies and methods that have been proven to enhance student engagement and learning outcomes.

Innovative Appraches

We encourage creative thinking and innovation, helping you adapt your teaching style to meet the diverse needs of your students.

Mutual (Teacher & Student) Centered Learning

Our program focuses on making learning a dynamic and mutual-centric experience, empowering you and your student to cope up with the unique needs of your learners.

Expert Instructors

Learning from experienced educators who understand the challenges of the teaching profession is a game-changer. Here’s what our expert instructors bring to the table:

  • Real-World Experience: Our instructors have walked in your shoes, having taught in a variety of educational settings. They share their real-world experiences, providing invaluable insights.

  • Passion for Teaching: Our educators are not just knowledgeable; they are passionate about teaching and dedicated to helping you grow as an educator.

  • Personalized Guidance: You’ll receive personalized guidance and mentorship from instructors who genuinely care about your professional development.

  • Continuous Support: Beyond the program, our instructors remain accessible for ongoing support, ensuring that you have a resource to turn to when facing challenges in your teaching journey.

About Kaneez Fathima
Mom of 3, a lecturer for over a decade turned Teen-Parent Relationship Coach.
She, being the founder of Doer’s Success and Co-founder of The NextGen Parenting, has been working diligently with parents, teachers, and children for the last 10 years.
She is committed to nurturing the untapped potential of Teens. Her invigorating talks bring immediate and long-term results.

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Unlock Bonus Worth ₹ 3999/- Hurry up! Only Few Seats Remaining

Connect and Collaborate
Peers Learning
Supportive Community
Professional Relationships
Sense of Belonging

Who is this workshop for?

Classroom Teachers

Whether you're a seasoned teacher with years of experience or just starting your teaching journey, this workshop will provide you with fresh insights and strategies to invigorate your teaching.

Subject Specialist

If you specialize in a particular subject area, this program will help you discover innovative ways to convey complex concepts effectively and engage your students.

Educational Leaders

For school administrators, department heads, and those in leadership roles, this workshop offers valuable tools to support and guide your teaching staff towards excellence.

New Educators

If you're a novice in the world of education, this program will provide you with a strong foundation, ensuring that you start your teaching career on the right foot.

Educational Professionals

Beyond traditional classroom teachers, educational professionals such as counselors, librarians, and education consultants will find this workshop valuable in their roles, enhancing their ability to support students.

Global Educators

Educators from diverse backgrounds and cultures will benefit from the universal principles and adaptable strategies presented in this program.

What Parents / Teachers Say?


I can't attend the live sessions. Can I get the recording?

Sorry, no recordings or replays will be shared. Only live sessions are entertained

How do I access the Live Session?

Once you register for the workshop, kindly check your email. You will find the link to join the WhatsApp group. Thereafter you will be updated with all the links to join the workshop.

What time is the Live Session?

10.00 a.m (Indian Standard Time)

When is the next event?

Follow our social media handles or fill out the free subscription form so that you never miss any updates regarding our workshops

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Unlock Bonus Worth ₹ 3999/- Hurry up! Only Few Seats Remaining